From the essence of watchmaking comes a set of expectations that require manufacturing of the highest standards. From the initial concept to the latest aesthetic verification, Marie Boutteçon watches are produced under the rules of Swiss watchmaking traditions. This foundation of technical perfection and aesthetic is in every detail: the shape of the hands, the curve of the case, the integration of the bracelet, and the elegance of the decorative rings. True style.



Our creative team starts by sketching and making the first line drawings, then we create the volumes in 3D modeling to carve the most beautiful forms. This allows us to shape the material, find perfect the curves, and hand-draw the details.

Then gouache is a crucial step in the process of creation. On paper, each color represents a shade of materials, a reflection, a structure or a stone that will decorate a telescope. Once validated, the 3D drawing and the gouache will be transmitted to the best craftsmen who will make the pieces.



The team has great expertise in Swiss Haute Horlogerie, and this impacted the way we engineered our watch, no compromise.

Inspired and led by the savoir-faire (know-how), we have defined the quality criteria for our watches made in Switzerland. The Ronda 756 movement, 100% made in Switzerland, is gently set on a metal-machined holder, fixed by screws in the case–respecting the tradition of fine encasing of mechanical movement such as tourbillon.
The bottom, held by four screws, seals the watch case perfectly from dust and water.
We imagine our product to last over time and easily be serviced in the future, living with you.


The journey of the Marie Boutteçon watch allows us to work with the best craftsmen, experts in the art of engraving, polishing, texturing, crimping, carving, and painting. They all love the pieces they are producing for us.

This approach gives us the freedom to work with the best creative craftsmen, recognized by their talent in their field. Each piece is crafted with great care by taking the time to do things right, following the design–all with delicacy, passion, and know-how.
We are so grateful to be able to work with such talented personalities.